a warm day

there are not much rain these few days... been to 2 places in Tanjung Sepat... 1 is near the fish landing dock and 1 near the sea side (a place to drink toddy or palm wine)... eat a lot (teochew style marine fish, crabs with lots of eggs and hepatopancreas, taufu soup with generous abalone and othes I can't recall much... to full) and a little toddy and 100 plus. Really... would post some picture I taken when I am not eating of course. ;-P

Back home was rather quite a mess to be handle... I need to clear some space for books.

Secret Recipe Sri Petaling... I would trade a hand made noodle (Pan mee) anytime for this plate of something.

new restaurant ipoh chicken rice 1977, wonderful chicken serve on porcelain. acceptable.

my assignment right now... to clear a quarter of that space there to fill it with more books. 

Starting work this coming Monday.

To possible umt coursemate and friends or stalkers
To friends from Sri Petaling primary school and St. John's institution
To people I had work with and befriended in work place.

I am an imperfect person. I made mistakes. I insulted you. I probably had steal from or lie to you. I had abandoned one of you in your time of needs. I peeped on you (girls only.. guys with their proteins failed to impress me, i prefer fats)... ok and all the possible hurtful thing I did.

Well, I used to felt sorry for that but then as time passed by I realize I cannot live in this regrets all my life. I need to thank you all, those people that taught me directly/indirectly, knowingly/unknowingly and sincerely/insincerely... I owe you all a thanks. Because had we not being put into this positions in life and had we not met, I may not know you all.

Because your existence in my life, I am the me today. Never to regret every mistake in life but to cherish every person in the frames of life time you took with the best camera you had... your eyes. and the best harddisk in the universe, your brain.

How I wish to just say Thank you in a simpler way. :-)
back to work.