This cat is named Bulat or Bobo (because it likes to curl up in a ball shape when he  sleep and because we think he is a 'she' before we realised those balls were his testicles when we visit the veterinarian)

The black yellow and white patch cat is his grandmother.  Now resides in the neighbour wet market. 

Bobo or Bulat has last seen 2 months ago.  We suspect a lot of things but yesterday I had the most disheartening event ever.  I overheard the coach of my neighbour son talking about selling of cat and how to profit from them.  Although I feel like giving this coach a deep feeling with my fist, my sister advise me against it because, in Malaysia, Malay can step on me and my family like ants because of our Chinese origin.

I will forever miss him and love Bulat in my heart and mind.