Where is Yinkoon?

Hey hey I have been out of blogging for quite some time. Well... even this is not an edited one (I type my thoughts in Microsoft Office Words Student Edition 2007 before pasting it on a notepad and then here...). So...

I have been looking for jobs. Well, rather choosing them (sigh!). Sometimes I wish I can be like a vampire. Graduated and re graduated thousands of time and choose which career to work in. The pros is I get to re live the moments I wish I could have make a different, to fix that 'mistake'. The CONS... I have to re-live the sad and negative aspect of life again and again. I have to see my mortal love ones die again and again.

So the Good thing about being mortal or die-able... is perhaps there is no need to look back. There is only one way and somehow most people or if it is just me... to make sure I don't regret of not fulfilling what I really want before... death?

How does death relate to career?

That depends on how long you think you are going to live. Since I believe there are not yet a case where people work and when they know it is time to die... they just write a resignation letter, settle the case, pay any left over bills, then claim their ordered coffins and say "Everything is in order, now I shall die."... no I haven't met this thing yet. But who knows, it's quite a something 50 years later.

Plan. There is a need for a plan.

That's all for now.