Being at KL

The last few days have been rather slow...

Things like reading and enjoying coffee that seems so odd during those days before I started working had become a normality.

I was more concern about my health and somehow started to accept me for who I am. At least there is no longer a need to base my value on lies and start everything from base 1. Something I believe I should have do from the early beginning.

Working hard for the aquaculture future, to be a better future not in the eyes of bloggers but of course for God.

Awkward... yeah. Going to church have no meaning to me if not for my need to understand God better and so working hard on things like a career, I believe should be base on love for God. :)

I am still learning. What lies ahead of me?

I will never know but I know for now, it is time to do some reading up of To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee before going to sleep. :)