Something From Becky

I have never been tag and Christmas had just been rekindled 2 yrs ago after I had few years without Christmas. To me, everything will do as long as it was given with a sincere heart and being real helps me too. I don't want to hold a present that are going to bleed the giver dry.

Practical 1: Present must be affordable to many. (I would be happy with a good ballpoint pen)

Practical 2: Useful thing (Alarm clock, water bottle(can put hot water), tupperware) practical stuff

Practical 3: Something you can buy of the shelf. Or supermarket. Or you may want to DIY if you want.

Practical 4: Don't need fuse over the wrapping. I will be happy even if it was wrap in a oil paper or majong paper or if not newspaper. think about the environment...

Christmas list:

1. Water bottle
2. Tupperware by Tupperware
3. Alarm clock
4. Fold-able umbrella (must be sturdy)
5. Writable ballpoint pen (any brand... can write than okay)
6. A neck tie (simple and smart)
7. A warm dinner (preferably under rm30 per person)

and now i would tag

- Jino
- Vannesa
- Lisa

I want to post a comment to Becky that I may find sometime to get baptized somewhere in 8th of December if I got back to Kuala Lumpur. But then I figure that I may never knew what I must be doing that time and my obligation to my job, I can't just leave it hanging there.

another thing that bother me is I am graduating next semester and yet I am pondering whether I should branch to...

Research or Work?

I am able to work in a shrimp farm where lots of physical, quick thinking and stress involved. It will be my first step to become a technician, then section manager and then farm manager. It can also branch into Sales and Marketing executive after my 3 months working as worker. In short, good physical condition and quick thinking is important.
may not be able to attend church due to working from 8 to 6 pm everyday including Sunday.

I will be put into hours of thinking, reading and improving the experiment. The path included scholarship from National Science Foundation and other Agriculture and Science community. Option include being a lecturer or Science or Fishery officer.
maybe able to attend church depending on the schedule for either coursework or research.

A man of two soul is not stable and So I need to make a choice...

I pray everyday that everything I do let is be to Glorify His name and whichever path I choose, it will be walk with faith. Whichever job I choose to take, let is deserve my best of effort.