There are just a few days more before my 2nd running project will be officially ended. A blood test will be performed and preserved. A mini project to be performed and completed.

What is new about this few days?

Well, aside of the dead and injured/sick fish, the routine and the holiday season, nothing was really different. Perhaps except a request for fish larvae from a coursemate for her final year project.

At first I am okay about it but I put her on hold. I don't understand why she doesn't have a broodstock if she need to use fish larvae.

I had a discussion with my supervisor and the conclusion is I can give her a pair of broodstock. However, she will be responsible for those broodstock and we shall held no responsible if she lost them. No... I have to be said I need to keep enough broodstock for my team.

Maintaining them is already a problem. If we do help, it was due to an act of mercy.

I never knew that this broodstock will later be so valuable. All the effort is worth the sweat.

For now, I should stay focus and finished the job before the Progress Presentation.