day 0: cold shock day. main event

Pictures tell story better than I... I don't know.

Preparation for cold shock*

The water Temperature in degree celcius

The milt and chopped testical (catfish's).

Pour the milt onto a muslin cloths and wrap it.

Pour the saline solution as the milt is squeeze and the extract pour along with saline onto the eggs

Squeeze more...

Mixed them thoroughly using a chicken feather.

After 3 minutes, treat the fertilized eggs with 5 degree celcius of fresh water.

Then Pray... that your heater works. Because...

It is monsoon. Wind and rain and work hazard. Being worried is just part and parcel of dealing with living things.

* Cold shock is induced in fertilized egg in the hope to produce a triploid organism. Imagine the eggs had a 1N nucleus(functional) and a 1N polar body(not functional). The sperm is another 1N. During normal fertilization, the 1N polar body extrude out of the ovum once the sperm enter the egg. Now what if... the time when all the 3N is in the ovum (the 1N nucleus, the polar body and the sperm)... and a shock trigger the ovum to response by hardenning the outer membrane causing the polar body and sperm to trap in the ovum... hence 3N.

But it this time when all 3N can be together is brief. it can be from seconds to minutes. Many had proven they can produce triploid this way, but how about survival?

This I am going to find out.