some says education may have turn backward... let's see.

we read out loud infront...

we read when we were told to read...
but things were different in the labs,

lab is enjoyable, in a way- =)

-this was my last lab with that Dr. i like all the lab even if they gave me hard times..

enjoyable hard times... like this for example...

-some may say...i m posing with a fresh water prawn,
-answer yes and no, i am done with looking where their genital organ so before
they die of stress...
i am noob enough to soak them in ~10 degree celcius of water. their norm is around 20... so i am bad so bad they all look at me... like i am a criminal...
- no picture. they just kept saying
"koon kejam la" or "eh, jangan la, kalau anak kamu udang macam mana"
translation- "koon you're cruel" or "don't do it, what if your child is a prawn"

my response, "wow, my son is a big boss of shrimp bussiness... cool"-- completely ignore their words, but

deep down in some crack of me, i was thinking
"yeah, shouldn't do it to the prawn. it was indeed cruel."

and before i left i take some of this picture with prawn and course-mate.

try to do a prawn to prawn claw-shake...

and then i have cornetto

before taking a nap after those long days not in the picture. =P