pc fair in kuala terengganu

hello hello,

had been giving myself some deserve rest after draining my energy and looking busy.

yesterday i went to a pc fair in hope to find a RAM for my fujitsu l1010 but i couldn't found 1. i go there just to realize i got to:-

1) buy a usb flash drive kingmax with ready boost and 2G memory- rm21

2) discover that kuala terengganu chinese girl was quite kawaii and erm i personally think they were pretty. =P

3) Got myself a balloon.
(i was given the balloon prior exiting the event, the usher gave it to me and yes just it was so long ago... 10 years ago since i got a balloon... normally people don't give me the balloon but in this case, i guess it was my first adult balloon. that balloon i had subsequently gave it to others... - edited 18 august 2009

pictures bellow:-

zul, me and shhaban. with belloons. =DDD

and later on before we leave to go back to umt, i saw this. =)

and later on, someone ask my friends and i where we got our balloons...
i say it was from the pc fair and i give the stall owner my balloons...
=) the balloon made me happy and i hope it will cheer up her customers too. =)

this was a day to be cherished.

and yeah...

"i think beauty was a feeling that should be unique and not defaulted by age old theory and boring assumption." =)