today i thought i would be cycling down by the beach just to realize i am
afraid of the dark... well it was like this...

so i turn back...

and go to the gym

and later on while i was snapping picture, i remember a suggestion from
an author of a blog i like... she suggest i put some picture of the beach... and so i head to the beach now in this condition...

it got light now... much more safer. =D
and i start snapping away.

in the picture - the sign board written "Selamat Datang Ke Pantai Rhu, Kampung Kubang Badak" - translate as "Welcome to Rhu Beach, Kubang Badak village"

beach no. 1

beach no. 2

beach no. 3

a proof that i was on the beach by the guy who are nice enough to take my picture- mr mat noor... he is the only one nearest to me that time and i need to get this done quickly.(edited 29-8-09, 12.56 am)

and a picture of the person himself ---> encik mat noor (edited 29-8-09, 12.56 am)

and before i leave.
i would like to wish all my muslim friend, happy ramadhan
and to all muslim, christian and any religion alike-
peace be with you all. =D