a lil link that describe a lil me

this was a place i called university,

this is the few thing i do for the past 2 yrs of study
1st yr 2nd semester: preparing pond, labor intensive, result ok. but commercially -failed

2nd yr 3rd semester: integrated aquaculture, culturing african catfish and water spinach

2nd yr 4th semester: breeding african catfish

2nd yr 4th semester: seaweed culture mini project: i do on effect of density of Gracilaria edulis on nutrient uptake.

now in 3rd year, i had been through the 1st and 2nd year and it was rough and enjoyable road with friends and enemy alike and a sure thing for my love to my family and it was challenging for me because of i m still a new believer to Christianity. but by grace of God, i had made it and i will continue my search for improvement and learning by walking with Him.

i have also taken a liking to blog and i found a lot of beautiful blog in this blogging community.

before i had type this post, i happened to this particular blog talking about malaysia. well, there were a bit of political science right here so really if you think it was offensive pls let me know and i will take this link away.