convocation day(senior and friends)

so i was here to this convocation day, i would simplify it to 2 part. 1st part was my senior doing the same degree as me and 2nd part was my friends from church.

so here was the first part.
me and flower guy. he got many many flowers.

and a picture of my lecture(dressed in black) with all my senior(in purple).

and here was i during the 2nd part...
doing it with my church friends from Sarawak.

me and a marketing friend... well i felt like i m promoting for microsoft when i wore that shirt that day.

and i would say many years we had thousands and thousands of graduates out of university and college. looking for the next start, a career, a new field of study or work, and of course start paying back their debts or loan.

these graduates brings along the values and knowledge they had learned in the university. this was the time for them to contribute back to the field of their study. may God bless these graduates in their effort to provide a better future in their work and studies as well as in their life.

PS. the author of this blog is currently a Final year/ 3rd year student pursuing BSc Agrotechnology (Aquaculture). He may know how to breed fish but please... he desire more than just making it possible... he desire the knowledge to sustain that possibility. =)