Day in, Day out

Life is a many strange thing, Like suddenly I appreciate my ride at pond.

How it stands in the morning light.

 When I dried my clothes after the rain... in temporary store feed.

When wild boar slaughter or processing becomes my camera target.

 They shave the dead boar.

 About to cut of the boar's nipples.
Discover a praise and worship copy in foreign language. not sure if it is Thai or Myanmar.

Amazed by simple thing like Fried mee with fried eggs with half cooked yolk.

Simple things like family... cat's family. makes me felt I am so alone how hard I try deny it with works.
 Got to sleep now. Wake up early tomorrow for more picture taking opportunity.

P.S. there is suddenly partial harvest at my assigned pond late at 4pm. So I got to work until 7pm. Setting back the long-arm paddle wheel and paddle-wheels. I am grateful that the Assistant technician (C4) stay back to help me... a still training Assistant technician (C5).