a brief 3 days in KL

Yes I was in KL, 3 days. Result of completion of harvest. Thanks to the starting day of culture at 46 days I got 1.5 months free, add another 1.5 months and I got myself 3 months = 3 days of holiday. Huhu.

Here is how I cam-whore the whole 3 days... aside of waiting at workshops and service center that's it.

Pardon the picture, there was still a 300 kilometers away from home and my body+mind was tired.

My mum sup, contain lot's of love.

Can't take my lens of it, it too good to be true...

Can't wait for next 3 months.
What is this? How come it ends up in my gallery???

Parents... my dad prefer to look at the chili bottle and not my lens.

He notice my lens at last... grateful sigh...

My sister idea of picture taking... my head is in the 'light'.



While waiting for the bill to come... it takes a good 5 mins. Good enough for cam whoring.

Bad camera angle... it is my camera fault not relative fault... alright.

Nike bag... nothing special... boring selections.

Since I was bored, I decide to cam whore in Produa service centre while waiting for my dad to arrive.

Know your car, know yourselves, in a 100,000 km mileage, it will not breakdown. This is part of Koonism teaching.

Picture of the food taken the night I have to leave KL to Johor. 
It ends up, my car is still in the service center or in KL and I missed Blackie Sa. Kinda like my 2nd home and 1st buddy... I am in her most of the time... well, I can't drive otherwise right?