FYP and update

The author felt...

a little bit relieve. currently in data analysis and statistic.

soon going to be discussing results.

to people who had response to this post:

- there are many people who grow up with their own thoughts.

- their upbringing may lead them to separate things into what is the Right and the Wrong.

- do not be upset by them, for you know that you would understand yourselves better than them.

- we came to the world with nothing and we leave on our own with nothing.
But in life, all of us would want to create something and leave it behind.

- being right or wrong doesn't matter. What matters most is have you really live your life?

If you are dying thinking that you have been right and wrong in whatever you do, then when you will start living to do what is right and learn from what is wrong?

And actually start living.

May God bless you all.