friday service in anglican church

it was those time again for me to go to church.

the church service here start on friday since sunday is working day. it is as such in terengganu.

even the batik day start at thursday since friday would be the start of weekend.

so it goes with the praise and worship, singing hymn since the P&W team went to mission to penang st nicholas church.

then it would be the sermons where it was obvious some are sleeping or in between dozing off. i would have been but i tried my best to stay awake by jolting down some notes about the place and the people there.

then there would be more hymns like a roman catholic church and tithing/offering. the second last would be the holy communion where the priest dip the soluble cracker(to replace bread the symbol for the flesh of jesus christ who died...the details in the bible niv... read your bible)... then i was confronted... the priest asked me "have you been baptized?"

i said i am legally a christian and do i need to provide my baptized paper... which i had none since i don't bother keeping documents... so down i go with the 'custom routine'. i was stiff and emotionless because i had been through this too many time i lost count, i guess my relationship with God had distanced away. I need repentance.

so after a few more hymns and it ended. and i take this opportunity to take some picture during the lunch time.

the priest(dressed in blue)

the place where a P&W team suppose to be stationed.

the line of hungry waiting people.

after the service, i checked my time and tried calling my friend mr ajun ying again and again. then i gave up and see that i bought enough to brave the lonely days in hostel. i head to mydin...

why buy with normal price, when you can buy a truck load with amazingly low price and low quality.

then after the grocery shopping, i settle down for a coffee after a good 3 days without a drop of coffee... next time i am aiming for 1 week.