Final Year Project 1

Yes. I know I had a picture showing my larvae and broodstock a few post earlier...

Those days are hard learning. I am looking forward to what is currently written in my log book. It will not be easy with the rain due to the monsoon season.

But I know the only enemy I am facing is myself. To bring myself from the comfort of my bedroom to go prepare a 30 degree celcius water for my larvae. Yes, It is crazy.

Like I will be sleeping, eating, and do all my business in the hatchery... to provide optimum temperature for my larvae.

In the end, I just need to have 30 larvae so I can slice their caudal peduncle and obtain their blood for smearing.

If I got the time, I may as well extend the variables and make a complete set experiment. Those data could meant a lot.

Fide et Labore.