I saw some blog

Nope there is no Aquaculture related matter here.

Not that I can solve EMS anytime soon. But you know what I probably want to do so.

Enough of that... what I want to show you people is this abandoned blog I stumbled upon when I was trying to Google 'Protein Kidney Chicken essence'...

Nope it is not how I plan to use lack of a certain essential amino acids in relationship to hepatopancreas deterioration in shrimp/prawn afflicted with EMS. hell... probably yeah...

or yeah I can't stop myself from thinking about aquaculture.

this is the blog and it had nothing to do with aquaculture.

sometimes I just wonder when hatchery produce new strain (super hyper duper) why
didn't they pay attention to the feed that actually ended up in the intestine of their super strains.

just by some God sent common sense will tell, feed in grow out farm usually are not well taken care of
time to understand common SOP, your feed will for sure lost nutrient, just how you plan to grow this amino acid hungry needy shrimp PL size 12, with lousy nutrient content from your feed.

SOP, understand SOP is darn right important.

Alright, as usual... Have a nice day.