Why aquaculture?

Long before I know aquaculture, I watch a movie

and one of the character says something about shrimp and so I was having "Ooo interesting... shrimp".

But what really put me in the agricultural path?
Perhaps I should thanks this magazine that happen to be for the previous tenants.

It had annually been delivered to the wrong person and from getting excited for getting an Australia stamp, I read and got equally excited on the prospect of Agriculture... wonder why Malaysia failed to inspired agriculture locally... should read this.

There are nothing mysterious in agriculture or in my job, Aquaculture...

You got to have the
not to the extent of nailing yourselves but there is lot's of hardship and whole lot of passion.

you got to have the urge to know more.
Since you can't really have an army of worker like this

Basically you need to rely on others from various field of study...

Got grazed by machines, poked and injured by fish spines or shrimps rostrum... get a doctor
Wiring and machinery... some mechanics, it can be a SPM or diploma in electical or mechanical.
Business admin... and things necessary.

No man is an army and aquaculture don't need James Bond.
Read more about aquaculture from the local library. The blogs are alright with interesting ideas and aquaculture can be approach from different angle. It is life science in application ^^.