koon in motion

So this is an update.

1. Final Year Project - BSc Degree in Agrotechnology (Aquaculture)
So far so busy. Making a progress presentation report. Reading some journals. Very much the usual. Reading, writing and typing with lots of thinking and planing.

2. Christmas shopping
Got myself one of the CAMPAP hard paper cover note-book. A present wrapper. Yet to be wrap. Emergency present on the ready.

3. New Gadget before leaving kl
Sony Digital Music Player NWZ-B142F
Kingston 2GB PC3- 8500 CL7 204

4. Books for leisure
Aquaculture Management, James W. Meade. 1989
Aquaculture Principles and Practices, T. V. R. Pillay. 1990
Aquaculture Science Second Edition, Rick Parker. 2002
Practical Genetic for Aquaculture, C. Greg Lutz.

5. Last but not least, He is still alive.